Like a hole in the head

I didn’t need anything else to do. But I found this great quiltalong and signed up because I needed to make someone a quilt and because the grand prize is a tricked out Janome sewing machine.

New fabric for this would have run over $50, which was not in the budget. So I turned to the thrift store stash and found a few plaid men’s shirts and a plaid pair of pajama pants. After a return trip to the thrift store on 1/2 price day I had enough shirts for a great start. I’m saving the pockets for another project.


Here is some of what was left.

Stay tuned for an update soon!


4 Responses to “Like a hole in the head”

  1. LJ Says:

    I am mad about plaid! I love it! I can’t wait to see the progress of this!

  2. Amy Says:

    Pockets project – now that got my attention!

  3. Gene Black Says:

    Thanks to you I have thrifted shirts for fabric. (hence part of my scrap stash!)

    I even thrifted a couple of brand new shirts — let me explain. They were batik fabric, extra large men’s shirts on clearance for TWO DOLLARS each. I think I got about a yard out of them. I know I couldn’t have bought batik FQs for that.

  4. Gene Black Says:

    oh..and I meant to add….always check the clearance racks for all cotton items –sometimes you find great bargains on fabric that way. (My big score, above, was in a clothing store. NOT WALLY!)

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