Last week Gwen graduated from 6th grade and her mama almost melted down. Not sure why, but the anticipation of this event had me freaked out for the entire last week of school.

6th Grade Graduation

Gwen is not capable of doing 6th grade work, but graduated because she is 12 and it’s time for middle school. There is a large special needs population at this school and any one of them who ages out can participate in the ceremony. Throughout the year, the special needs kids spend time in regular classrooms, so they are graduating with their peers.

The processional

The week leading up to the ceremony saw me a complete wreck, and for no reason! We are registered at a great school for next year. We already know that Gwen’s teacher will be a wonderful lady who has had her for the last 5 years in summer school. It’s all good, but the prospect of change made me come unhinged. I’m a lot better at this than I used to be. The first time Gwen moved – from a baby class to the 2-year-old class next door on the bottom floor of a world class children’s hospital – I cried and panicked for days.

receiving her certificate

We were able to use this year’s fancy dress for the third time. She wore it first in a wedding, then to the prom and finally for graduation. I left off the crocheted gloves and the necklace because I didn’t think graduation called for bling. I was wrong- many of the girls looked like they were going to Cinderella’s ball. There were updo’s, high heels, rhinestones and floor length dresses. One dude was looking really sharp in a fedora.

With her proud Daddy and Grandmother

Once again we had the opportunity to participate in a rite of passage that seemed out of our reach. Yes, I cried this time too. Not out of panic, but out of gratitude for what our precious girl has been able to achieve.


6 Responses to “Graduation!”

  1. LJ Says:

    omg! i want to cry for you and with you right now! i’m going through this for the past few months. my baby will be 10. how on earth did that happen? 10! double digits. he barely made it his first year! It’s like we ask ourselves how did we do it? how did we get from there to here?
    big big hugs!!

  2. sheila Says:

    ummm so Superwoman does cry….. a previous post of yours roflo.
    Oh Sarah I feel I should send a plane load of tissues over to you. Well done Gwen, Gwensmum, Gwensdad and grandma. And what about the teachers keep at it kid. You are the best. love and hugs sheila…. obtw I see you have entered the 4seasons swap again. Hope I get some blocks from you.

  3. amber c. Says:

    congrats, gwen’s mom, gwen’s dad and most of all, gwen!

  4. aimee Says:

    Congrats to you all! What a great day!

  5. m.a. Says:

    here’s to sentimental endings and new beginnings! thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Andrea Says:

    Congrats! Crying is okay — I’m sure there were many parents of “normal” kids who were crying too :) Change is a scary thing, isn’t it?

    Give Gwen a big hug for me! Hope you have a great summer :D

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