A few handmade goodies showed up at my door.

First, my return on the star swap. This is by the lovely and talented Nicci whose art is big and bold and colorful. I have enjoyed seeing her work online for a long time and now I have some in my house! Don’t you love the rosebush hair?

Then, Gwen received a surprise from LauraJay, the special needs mom and quilter extraordinaire. I will wait while you click on the link and see her amazing quilts.

OK, are you back? Wasn’t that amazing?

A while ago, Laura offered to send me some fabric I admired on her flickr set. It came with this adorable doll for Gwen. As you can see, it met Gwen’s approval.


Thanks so much Nicci and Laura! Art in the mailbox always makes for a great day.


3 Responses to “Incoming”

  1. LauraJ Says:

    My heart swells seeing Gwen’s smile. It doesn’t take much to please a child. (Unless of course, you’re my kid, lol.)

  2. m.a. Says:

    wow, i love the star, and the doll is fantastic! i did go to laura’s flikr site and was very impressed. i love the bird quilt.

  3. gwen Says:

    Gwen does indeed look pleased with the doll. I would too! It looks great, happy but not too cuty, cuty!
    I think you did great, spending for 2 causes. It is not only the things you give away but the time of puting them together which count. I am sure the recipients will appreciate.
    Take care.

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