Fabric Shopping Extravaganza

The Arboretum was lovely and the trail ride was fun. But for me, the main attraction in Asheville (aside from Nancy, of course) was the fabric store! A friend had urged me to visit the Asheville Cotton Company . I mapquested it before we left and found that it was just minutes away from the cabin where we stayed. Gwensdad dropped me off and pursued adventures of his own. (He went to get some fudge.)

This shop was fantastic. It was much bigger than any of our Memphis LQS’s and a little overwhelming at first. There at my fingertips were bolts and bolts of wonderful prints I have seen online but could not find locally. And they could be mine without shipping charges!

I wandered around the store wondering how to decide what to bring home with me. At one point I became concerned that there were no batiks. But the back of the store had a whole huge wall of them in every color, print and design. I nearly swooned.

After much hemming, hawing, flipping, flopping, wishing, washing and back and forth, I make some decisions and loaded up my credit card with all of this:

A few 1/4 yards of dots. I’m collecting them for a baby quilt.


These black and white prints to make something for Gwen.

black and white

And all these lovely half yards of gorgeous green batiks. No definite plans for these yet. Right now I just love looking at them.

to-die-for green batik fabrics

The only thing I really wanted but didn’t find were Kaffe Fasset fabrics and this owl print by Amy Schimler. They did have full selection of Floragraphix by Jason Yenter but I had spent my budget and had to leave it behind.

This is a great store with a friendly staff who folded my purchases up for me nice and neat. Go if you can, but allow plenty of time and take lots of money!


2 Responses to “Fabric Shopping Extravaganza”

  1. LauraJ Says:

    knowing me I would have went over budget! I wouldn’t mind living on bread and milk for a month to have beautiful new additions to my stash!

  2. Andrea Says:

    I can get those green batiks in Alaska at the Rushin’ Tailor’s — an AWESOME quilt store!

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