Fabric Collage

I’m taking a break from the internet this week. I need to rest and get caught up because Gwen only has two more weeks of school. She will continue with camp until the end of July but will be home more often and need more attention.

I recently joined Art42, a new mail art site based on the old Nervousness format, and promptly signed up for three projects. The first one is to art up a brown cardboard star sent by the swap host. For a long time I have enjoyed looking at the colorful jumble of fabric scraps that accumulates on the floor while I am sewing. So I attacked some bright batik fabrics with scissors and went to work with some glue. Here it is so far. It needs to be shiny, so I’ll give it a few coats of varnish before sending it off to the pacific northwest.

Have a great week!


5 Responses to “Fabric Collage”

  1. liveparadox Says:

    Enjoy your break! That star is lovely. I haven’t signed up for Art42 yet, but undoubtedly will…

  2. zhenia Says:

    Lovely star! Enjoy your break!

  3. nicci Says:

    totally awesome. i wondered if you were going to do something with fabric =D. my star for you will be posted up in my blog in a day or two… bright and shiny colors. i have to spray mine as well, then let it dry really well before packing it up! watch your mailbox =D

  4. Diane Says:

    Thank you Ms. Enabler. I am now a quilter. I LOVE it. While it’s not quite as beautiful as your colorful work (’cause I am really conservative) I have almost got my first quilt top done. Queen sized. I will post photos soon. Then a quilted blanket (not pieced top) for a baby shower gift and who knows what’s next?!

  5. aubirdwoman Says:

    is there no end to your talents…… did I see you have signed up for the 4 Seasons Holiday Quilt Swap. I do hope so. take care, get rested for looking after your family. hugs from downunder

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