Summer Sewing

Big news- gwensdad and I may get to take a vacation for the first time in 12 years! Plans are to spend four days in the mountains on the other side of our state. We are currently working out all the details with Gwen’s caregivers, so keep your fingers crossed that we can cover all the bases. I’m already thinking of what craft projects to take with me.

In the meantime I have been working on the shirt quilt for the Old Red Barn Quiltalong. I sewed my strips into squares, laid them out and was underwhelmed. The blocks were big, the piecing was plain, and the fabric design (shirt plaids) and colors were subtle. Not ugly, but not what I love to make. Now it takes a lot of time to assemble a quilt and it is a real drag to labor over something that doesn’t exactly float your boat. So I got out the rotary cutter, hacked my blocks into smaller pieces, sewed them back together and chose some blue sashing for contrast. Still more traditional than my usual work, but much better!


The binding is really going to look great. I’ll be piecing together the leftover patchwork strips for a super scrappy look.

Today I’m finishing up some blocks for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap Sumer Block Swap. Here are a couple I cut from pinwheel quilt leftovers. There will be red ones as well.


Gwen is having a blast this summer! She goes to school in the morning and camp in the afternoon. She gets so tired that she actually sleeps late and chills out on the weekend.

Serious sleeping



3 Responses to “Summer Sewing”

  1. lullabye123 Says:

    A long time ago, you posted a picture of Gwen at a quilt show and I loved the intent expression on her face as she studied the quilt. Until now, that was my favorite picture that I have ever seen of her. But she looks incredibly peaceful and sweet in this pic…’s very serene. (I am betting Mom loves the sleeping moments too!)

    The shirt quilt looks very comfy and soft already. I like the colors too. I am jealous of whomever ends up with it.

  2. sheila Says:

    everything crossed for your holiday, will watch and hope.
    Absolutely love the shirts its going to look terrific.
    Gwen looks so peaceful. Take care.

  3. m.a. Says:

    yay for vacation!!!

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