Last week my mom came over. I asked her if she wanted to go with me to Hancock’s (fabrics) get some quilt batting on sale.

“We can’t go there. It burned down last night.” she said.

After standing with my mouth hanging open for a few minutes I checked the news website, and sure enough.

I felt like I had been slapped. My fabric store was gone just like that! What would happen to all those ladies who cut fabric for me? One has been there forever and another had just started. Would they be out of jobs? Over the years, Hancock has closed two stores near my house and moved farther and farther into the suburbs. This was the only one left inside the I-240 loop.

That day I fought the crazy-making traffic and bought my batting at another Hancock planted in the middle of big box retail hell. Since then I have heard rumors that they will rebuild but they’re not sure where.

Gwensdad drove me over there a few days later. It was pretty ugly. Here are a few fellow gawkers.

My fabric store burned down :(

what a mess!

At first it seemed as if there was no indication of what this blackened twisted mess used to be. But then I spotted a lonely bolt of blue fabric with singed edges among the rubble.

One lonely bolt

So sad.


5 Responses to “Devastation”

  1. MaryAlice Says:

    I was sad too about Hancock’s burning. There is one more I know of that is on Austin Peay across from KMart – closer to the expressway than the mall. In fact, it is at Austin Peay and Coleman.

  2. LJ Says:

    Sad indeed!

  3. Helen Says:

    What a waste of beautiful fabric and those poor ladies that lost their jobs. Sad.

  4. Gene Black Says:

    Knowing the “thrifty” part of you, I am surprised you didn’t crawl over the rubble to rescue that lone bolt of fabric.

    I only say that because I know I would have thought seriously about it.

  5. mary allison Says:

    hey, i know! i had the same reaction when i watched the report on the news! i made the trek to joann’s. pretty cool, but i didn’t know where to find anything. i knew that hancocks like the back of my hand. my mom had a pattern in her car to give brenda. now where are we to find brenda???

    your plaid quilt pieces look great together. i can’t wait to see what you make. hope you win the sewing machine!

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