Memphis Knittas Rule!

The Memphis Knit Mafia has struck in Midtown! This piece went up on Tuesday and today our local alternative paper interviewed our fearless leader about this fine piece of art. **ETA Our daily did an article too!

Memphis Knit Mafia strikes in Midtown!

Everyone’s favorite was the batman panel knit by Karen, our token Canadian member.


My contribution was the checkerboard and the blue fun fur stripe.

My contribution

After this triumphant debut, there is discussion of covering more of the top of the pole. But we’re not sure anyone has a tall enough ladder.



4 Responses to “Memphis Knittas Rule!”

  1. Lullabye123 Says:

    Awesome! Just awesome.

    I loved the story too.

  2. liveparadox Says:

    Ooh, I love that. Somebody’s been decorating trees on campus in a similar way, but I haven’t been close enough to one to see if it’s knitting… :)

  3. Leah Says:

    I have to look at the “Where My Stitches At” sign every now and then when I need a good laugh. SO funny!

  4. m.a. Says:

    this is hilarious!

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