Thrift Store Stash to the Rescue!

It’s time to make the to make teacher gifts again!
Thanks to my insane stash of thrifted clothes there is no shopping for supplies involved. Even the zippers for the inside pockets are recycled. They came from other clothes that have already been chopped up and repurposed.

I asked the four teachers for their favorite colors and got pink, bright turquoise blue and two purples. The pink one is made with leftovers from this bag and it finished except for a little topstitching. Today I pulled clothes for the rest and came up with this:

thrifted clothes for refashioning

thrifted clothes for refashioning

I really need to sew from this stash more often because it is taking over the house.


2 Responses to “Thrift Store Stash to the Rescue!”

  1. sheila Says:

    I’m in….. glad to see you are too… are we addicted or what.
    I am going to send my niece, a new quilter over for a cuppa and a chat lol (cyberstyle) I think you two would get on famously. hope all is well with you and yours … hugs s

  2. Diane Says:

    You know I bow at the feet of your creative powers. My hats off to you yet again!

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