Monochromatic quilt received

Every time I find a new swap quilt package in my mailbox, my heart beats a little faster.   Here’s what arrived this week from Alice’s House for Four Seasons Quilt Swap 6.

In this round of the Four Seasons swap, the quilts were to be monochromatic with the recipient choosing the season and the main color. I asked for “fall” with “soft golden orange” and Ms. Alice delivered! She named it “Whoosh”, as both the design and the quilting suggest falling autumn leaves blowing in the wind.

Participation in these swaps has taught me not to be so sure about what I think I don’t like. For a long time I cringed at fabrics with metallic content or prints. But when my adorable winter quilt arrived with shiny accents from the equally adorable Ms. Birdie in Australia I promptly changed my mind. This time it was convergence quilting I had never cared for this type of quilt because the colors fade in and out of each other too gradually and it ends up looking murky. Alice’s use of two colors in the same family but with contrasting values made all the difference! Her quilt has high contrast geometric color blocks just the way I like it.

A great exercise to stimulate creativity would be to choose a style or fabric you don’t like and tweak it until you do like it. Civil War reproductions fabrics have never inspired me because the colors and prints are so understated. What would I do if someone gave me a fat quarter pack of such fabrics with a commission to make something out of them? In the same vein, I find 1930’s reproduction fabrics too cutesy. Could these little prints be de-cute-ified? Maybe, maybe not, but the challenge would be fun!

In other news, I am almost finished with my monochromatic quilt and will blog it as soon as I get some good photos. As the mailing deadline approaches, new quilts are being added to the FSQS Flickr pool every day. There is some serious gorgeousness over there, so be sure to take a look.


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