Renegade Crocus

A few years ago, my mom gave me some tiny iris bulbs that yield cute little iris in spring. But somehow an odd crocus bulb got into the mix and surprises us every February.  Such bright yellow is a shocking sight at this time of year!    I have also spotted quince and forsythia blooming around town.  What signs of spring are you seeing, if any?

Renegade crocus

Opera quilt update:  I was hoping for at least $100 and the quilt sold for $110.  Success!  Thanks for all your nice comments.


6 Responses to “Renegade Crocus”

  1. liveparadox Says:

    That’s quite the contrast with the irises! I’m always surprised by how early Spring starts here–not that I consider winter here “real” winter. ;)

    That’s great news about the quilt!

  2. Krista Says:

    My first sign of spring? My peas are sprouting. I’m so excited for fresh produce.

  3. LauraJ Says:

    Hello! I read your comment today. Thank you very much for your support. I’ve emailed the OT to come out and help me figure this out.
    When I go back to the store for fabric (because I’m addicted you know) I’ll pick some up for you. How much would you like dear?

  4. gwen Says:

    What do you mean, signs of spring? Do snow and ice count as such? Because it is the only thing we are having around here at the moment!
    You can be proud of your Opera quilt. It was so nice, it is only fair that it brought so much.
    I bet with your machine quilting course soon, you will be able to finish even more quilts in a run! Take care.

  5. sheila Says:

    Spring… my favourite time of the year. congratulations on the quilt well done.
    at the moment my favourite time of the year is when it is NOT hot and there are no bushfires.
    You asked how many blogs do I have? do you really want to know. lol. take care of yourself and well as the family. hot hugs from downunder.

  6. Stacy Says:

    Well, I’m in Michigan and we just had snow yesterday :) However today it is sunny and in the 50’s so one never knows what to expect. I did notice that my forsythia bush is starting to get buds on it, so hopefully soon it will open!

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