Rebel Without a Ringtone

The other night the school system robo-called parents to remind us that kids are not allowed to bring cell phones to school.  If they do, the school will confiscate the phone and the parent will have to come to school in person to get it back.

Being the rabble rouser that she is, Gwen thumbed her nose at the rules and flaunted her cell phone all over school today.


And there were consequences.


Oh dear.


6 Responses to “Rebel Without a Ringtone”

  1. LauraJ Says:

    Oh that Gwen! She’s a troublemaker I tell you! Gotta stay clear of her. I just wonder who she’s talking to all day?

  2. Gene Says:

    So did Gwen’s boyfriend (whose name is escaping me at the moment) get moved to another class, so she has to call him now?

  3. mary allison Says:

    that’s hilarious!

  4. gwensmom Says:

    Gene, Gwen’s boyfriend goes to a different school so I guess that’s who she was calling.

  5. Char Says:

    Wow who knew Gwen would stick it to the MAN? Good for her.

  6. Angie Says:

    That innocent face and she is a rabble rouser. Who knew?

    Too funny! Go, Gwen!

    Or maybe she shouldn’t be encouraged to break rules? Oh dear, indeed.

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