Historic Day!

Gwen woke up fussy and congested this morning so I took her to the doctor amid rare Memphis snow flurries. We got home just in time to witness the big event. She did not understand what was happening but had a ringside seat anyway.  After the oath of office, I moved her to her feeding chair for some lunch.  She turned her head left (she usually looks right) toward the television and watched Obama’s entire speech! 



3 Responses to “Historic Day!”

  1. LauraJ Says:

    Now that child knows this is a big event in history! Great captured photo!

  2. gwen Says:

    The big day was very well followed in Europe too. It seems all Europeans love Obama.
    i wish you inspiration for your projects for this year. I am looking forward to seeing more of your chromatic quilts. Take care.

  3. Laila Says:

    Hi. Of course every body want to see the big event. It was a great day even here in Norway. I love Obama and wish him all my best.
    A great photo. Give your girl a hug from me….

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