Moving right along

I recovered from that early October virus (physical, not computer)  just in time for the annual volunteer appreciation party. I manage a charity knitting and crocheting program and we have a big throw down every fall. 

This was my 10th time to give this party but this year I couldn’t find any entertainment. We have had everything from a senior dance troupe to a bluegrass band to a fabulous Russian choir, but one week before the big day I had still not found anything. Fortunately I had a flash of genius while eating at a local pizza joint with Gwensdad. We would provide our own entertainment by staging a trivia quiz show with partygoers as contestants!

Using the door prize ticket numbers we selected participants for Team Knit and Team Crochet



I wrote a script and some very good sports from my Tuesday night knitting group acted as host, hostess and scorekeeper. Because 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of our program’s sponsoring agency, the first round featured multiple choice questions about the agency.  The second round of questions was all about knitting, crocheting and yarn.   Team Crochet emerged victorious and got first choice of the door prizes as a reward.   

At the end of the party we had about 2600 warm caps and lap robes and since then we have collected enough to put our total above 3100 for the year.   Our volunteers are the greatest!  You can see more pics of the party on the program blog.

2 Responses to “Moving right along”

  1. MaryAlice Says:

    Next year (if you are brave enough to do this again) let me know. I would love to participate in the crochet/knitting things. I have made caps for MIFA before – remember the MKIP? M.A.

  2. gwensmom Says:

    Of course I remember! And I expect to see you again when we do it next June.

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