Coming up for air

*gasp*  I’m here!  I’m ok. Really!

Things got a little out of hand.  First I got sick- caught what Gwen had the last time I posted and it took us both two weeks to feel better.  Then I got busy- it was crunch time at work but everything went well.  Next, I got lazy because I was tired from being sick and busy.   And now we have come full circle and I’m sick again- spent Thanksgiving with strep throat:(   We caught it early and I am now slowly recovering.

Despite the chaos and misery, there was some crafting going on.  I’ll take the next few posts to catch you up.

Back in October I took a much-anticipated free motion quilting class.  I was the only person there from Memphis proper- the rest were from suburbs or from north Mississippi.  Most were more interested in talking than working and one was the know-it-all type that walked around giving unwanted advice.  But I had a great time and did much better than I expected.  The key was to use the machine at high speed but move the fabric slowly under the needle.  Here are the results.  Not too bad for a first try.  I need more practice but this is definitely do-able.

Oh, and I finished the blue scarf too!

blue scarf fo


5 Responses to “Coming up for air”

  1. LauraJ Says:

    Oh it looks wonderful! I so hope to learn how to do free motion quilting! And the scarf is so pretty. I admire folks who can knit!

  2. sheila Says:

    well done. btw have you checked 4seasons quilt swap. Do join again. It is next year lol
    So glad you are all feeling better. Must get well for Christmas

  3. mary allison Says:

    wow, i’m really impressed with the free motion quilting. how in the world do you do that??

  4. MaryAlice Says:

    I can’t even sew very good straight – I would hate to see how I did with the free style. Thanks for your comment on my jar quilt – I tried to reply but I guess I was doing it wrong – never got it to go through right. Glad you are feeling better!

  5. zhenia Says:

    That embroidery is fantastic! As is the scarf!

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