Happy Halloween

Gwen is off to see the Wizard!

5 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. mary allison Says:

    soooo cute! i love the hair and the ruby red slippers. was she pleased with her costume?

  2. Angie (lullabye123) Says:

    How adorable! Are any friends off to see the wizard with Gwen?

    The shoes are wonderful… I have always wanted a pair of ruby slippers. They are magical looking, even if they really don’t have powers.

  3. Birdy Says:

    beautiful, I love the red shoes. Have fun Gwen

  4. Mary Alice Allen Says:

    How Cute – Makes me want to walk the “yellow brick road”. This is beautiful weather for it too. I hate to see our Jack-O-Lantern go away. We will keep it as long as possible but we don’t really eat it. We did toast the seeds tho. Hope Gwen has a great halloween!

  5. gwen Says:

    WOW, Gwen has grown up so much I think. She looks like a very pretty young lady. It must be the shoes! And the hair suits her really well.Now I will sing the all day long “somewhere over the rainbow”… Take care.

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