Jane, stop this crazy thing!

This week has been a roller coaster ride.  My aunt had knee surgery on Monday and Gwensdad is scheduled for oral surgery Friday.  But in between my SIL got put in the hospital with scary symptoms, we had no sitter for Gwen on Tuesday night and then today Gwen woke up sick and had to stay home from school. 

So far my aunt is home and doing really well, the SIL is going home today but they don’t seem to know exactly what happened to her and Gwen’s on the road to recovery from some mystery crud (with ear infection) that she probably picked up at school.  A little much for one week if you ask me.

I put a WIP scarf on hold so I could start this one.

It will be a gift for a co-worker who has helped me many times over the years.  It has to be finished in a few weeks so I am working on it every day. I’m using this pattern  found on Ravelry.   Another Raveler made it with some modifications  and was kind enough to share them  with me. The yarn is Classic Elite  Wool Bamboo which is soft, springy and lovely. The color is much richer   than the photo shows. It will look fantastic when it is finished and blocked.

Tuesday was 1/2 price day at the DAV Thrift shop, so I had a great morning of thrifting at that shop and two others nearby.  Gwen needs some lightweight pajama pants and will have them as soon as I refashion these adult sized pants to fit her.   Why can’t they have cute prints like this in the fabric stores?


Ms. Birdy asked about the Carnival of Green Crafts.  A blog carnival is like an online magazine with many bloggers contributing articles on a common subject.  Blog carnivals are often hosted on a different blog or website each month.  The Carnival of Green Crafts was begun by the authors of Crafting a Green World which includes a wealth of information about renewable and sustainable crafting materials and ideas.  I offered to host the Carnival early next year so maybe you will see it here soon. 

Gwen has been patient but wants her mama back now.  I hope Gwensdad makes it home soon because there is no caffeine in the house!

7 Responses to “Jane, stop this crazy thing!”

  1. Diane Says:

    those are great sleep pants! I’m sure they aren’t size XL or I would beat you over the head for them. I do love sleep pants! Sir William has quite a collection of them, but he wears a size S so they’re easy to come by.
    Sorry I missed the thrifting. Maybe we’ll hookup at the end of October!

  2. MaryAlice Says:

    You are certainly brave to do so many things! I like the thrift stores too but I didn’t know about the sale date. I’ll watch for that. I have done the cables only as a swatch but I may try one for a scarf. The only problem is that I already have so many scarfs that I have made and seems like in the south so one wears them much.

  3. Angie (lullabye123) Says:

    What great sleep pants! And I love the blue scarf. Whenever I read your blog, I get the urge to go make something out of something I already have but try to refrain, as I don’t have the knack of re-purposing to good effect!

    Blog carnival is intriguing…..I am following links, links, links.

  4. Birdie Says:

    oh my goodness… it never rains but it pours, as my dear mother would say. What a week, surely it can only get better. My thoughts, fuzzies and love are being sent to you with the whiff of caffine too. take care dear Sarah.

  5. cyph0r Says:

    Glad everything is calming down. Love the print on the sleep pants!

  6. LauraJ Says:

    Welcome to the new blog!! Congratulations!!
    I’ve got a challenge for the month of October…I’m wondering if you’re interested in being interview?! Please??

  7. gwen Says:

    I hope for your DH and Gwen that all went for the best.
    The sleep pants are so cute. No wonder they came back with you.
    Last week in GB, I went to some charity shops but found nothing so nice as that.
    I like the scarf too. Thank you for your comment on my Kool Aid dyed yarn. I think I am improving! Take care.

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