A New Nest

Welcome to my new (ad-free) blog on WordPress!  Posts from the old blog are here too but without the comments.

Over the summer I signed up for a really creative Nervousness project.  The host mailed participants a little bird’s nest to decorate. We were to ship it back to her to be made into a mobile for her home.  I have taken way too long to get this done, but I was really pleased with the result.  


This really wasn’t very hard to put  together.  I used this bird pattern and reduced it (a lot) on the copier.  It was so small I decided to hand sew it so the machine wouldn’t eat it up.  While stitching I thought maybe it would look more interesting with the seams exposed.  I went with that look, partly because it would have been very hard to turn the bird through such a tiny opening in the fabric!

The project needed more color so I ripped fabric strips and wove them into the nest along with some tangled threads.  Hot glue holds the bird securely to her perch.

Now off to mail it and ask the host where to get some more of these nests.  Wouldn’t they make great holiday ornaments?



8 Responses to “A New Nest”

  1. Nicole K Says:

    Aggh! You moved.
    But it’s cool. I’m glad you’re here. I’ll have to remember to check in more often, will add you to my RSS feeder. Take care!
    Nicole K

  2. zhenia Says:

    Oh my goodness! That.is.fan-frickin’-tastic. Beautiful.

    I also like the new digs.

  3. Vickie Says:

    Oh you have done a dandy job with that nest and the bird is way kewl.I we have the nests here in our spolight sstores..seeing what you have done with that one makes will make me look at them in a different(good) way now,
    cheers Vickie

  4. MaryAlice Says:

    I like your new site – very clean and fresh looking. I agree the nest could be decorated in Chrismas colors for ornaments.

  5. sheila Says:

    lovely new Gwenshouse, love the banner. Take it this is a housewarming party……handing round the chocolate tim tams. Those nests are great, the picture took ages to appear so I was having all sorts of visions. Must look for some here in Aus. takecare hugs http://birdwomanau.blogspot.com/

  6. Angie (lullabye123) Says:

    I love the nest! I love the way you use color, something I am afraid of sometimes. I tend to use the same patterns and colors over and over. It’s a joy to see your things. I hope she posts the finished mobile, as I am anxious to see all the nests together.
    I hate that you moved… still not sure which ads you are calling smarmy, but the ads on mine are over to the left and toward the bottom of the screen and I never see them! I have seen a few that raised eyebrows, but my settings are for art and literary ads, mostly.
    This is a beautiful simple layout here, however and I will try to remember to poke my head in and keep up with you.


    ooooh, let me know if you find out where to get more nests. i’d love to do something like what you did for the baby’s room. i like wordpress. good move!

  8. core (aka blueness via nness) Says:

    So pretty. I like that the stitches are exposed, and the fabric colours are just lovely!

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