The best thing about summer…

is growing things!


This beauty is a lily that has bloomed like crazy. Some days there would 5 new flowers open! I bought it two years ago and then found another one like it last year. There will be many more because they have really spread themselves around.

I am very haphazard about what, when and where I plant so there are pots all over the place. I started some basil, oregano, fennel and chives from seed last week and only one has sprouted so far. I didn’t mark them so the identity of that plant will be a mystery until it gets bigger. Fennel bulbs are very expensive and hard to find so I’m toying with the idea of growing and selling some next summer when the back yard is available again. Right now it’s under renovation.

Italian bush beans

Just looking at this pic makes my mouth water because the plants are Italian Bush beans. They are delicious even when they come in a can, but fresh ones are a real treat. This small plot in our front yard was exposed when Gwensdad cut back some huge shrubs. It seemed a shame not to put it to good use.

When the back yard is finished we will have plenty of room for a garden and mass food production next year. I am preparing for it now by making compost, looking for some old windows for a cold frame, saving up for some canning equipment and reading about urban homesteading, especially at Path to Freedom and their accompanying blog.

Dreams of fresh veggies, fruits and herbs from our own yard are dancing in my head!

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