Two weeks of chaos

Gwen starts school tomorrow and not a moment too soon! She has been home for two weeks and has been sick much of the time. One night we didn’t have help and I was up with her until 3 am. But we slept until 10 to make up for it.

In addition to an ailing child with nowhere to go, we had renovation going on in the back yard. I nearly went insane from the non stop hammering and power tool noises day after day. But it is over for a while and we have a new patio, a new workshop and a covered ramp for wheelchair access from the carport to the back door. The back is still pretty messy but you can see the progress.

backyard renovation
bakcyard renovation

Gwensdad designed it all himself. The raised concrete circle and semi circle on the patio are for seating. There will be plants in the circle. The bare area next to the workshop is for a grape arbor so Gwensdad can raise muscadines and make his beloved muscadine jelly. There will be a swing for Gwen and some comfy chairs and much more landscaping. We will also put a large raised bed in the area the photographer is standing. Next year we can grow our own food and flowers!

There has been no making or creating due to the above mentioned insanity. But I did put together some fabrics for my summer doll quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. This time I will not send late!

fabrics for 4SQS summer quilt

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