Gwen’s Trip to the Hospital

Call me Chatty Cathy- this is my fourth post this month!

Last Monday Gwen went to the hospital for some tests and dental work. Her new neurologist wanted to do an MRI, a Dexascan (bone scan) and get some blood drawn. These require general anesthesia so we called her dentist to come do a complete cleaning while she was under. He ended up taking out her 5 remaining baby teeth because all but one were hanging from a thread. Now her permanent teeth have room to emerge.

Gwen has the developmental capacity of a one year old, so she does not know to be afraid of the hospitals or white coats. Her parents are the ones that get nervous and uptight. Fortunately, we only have to do this every 3 years or so. This time I brought the camera and got some great shots.

Gwen was a little sleepy when we got there and wouldn’t smile much.

Her Daddy kept her close by. He can’t even stand to see her get a shot. She has him wrapped around her little finger – and vice versa. Her favorite place to be is on her Daddy’s lap.

Gwen perked up a little when the nurse came to take her vital signs. This girl loves attention of any kind.

Then she had a visit from Bernard the Hospital Puppet. Bernard and his mom Diana help alleviate kid’s fears before they have surgery. Bernard has is own website. He saw Gwen’s prom pictures and said that he wanted to be her date next year. Bernard looked better than he usually does with just one band aid on his head. Sometimes he has trach tubes and g tubes and IV’s hanging from every part of his fuzzy green body.

Gwen was not amused at first, but eventually warmed up to Bernard.

The time came to be wheeled into pre-op. Gwen gave her Daddy a big toothy smile when he said good-bye.

Then she was whisked away through the double doors. Watching some stranger take your baby away like this is most distressing. But we have done it enough times that I didn’t cry. I felt like it though.

It’s all over now and it feels good to know that her teeth are all up to date. We are still waiting to see what the scans and the blood tests show. We don’t expect the results will dictate any major changes in Gwen’s medications but we might learn more about what’s up in that brain of hers.

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