A Quick Trick

April and May have been back to back sewing. As soon as one project is done, the deadline on another is looming. Gwen’s teacher is retiring this year and her party was tonight. Eek I needed a gift!

So once again, I turned to the thrifted clothing stash

thrifted lily pulitzer clothes

And made a simple bag. The recipient is very crafty and makes things all the time so I know she will like it. The blue lining fabric is made from Lily Pulitzer pants snapped up for $1.98.

becomes a teacher gift


Now let me tell you about this retirement party. It was at the Olive Garden. There were about 50 people there seated at two long tables. The first table enjoyed a great dinner, but those of us at the second table were still gnawing on breadsticks and guzzling tea two hours later! All but three people at our table left without dinner. Some were angry but this is just par for the course at the Olive Garden. That’s why we quit going there years ago.

It wasn’t a total wash. The honoree was properly honored. And there was a fabric store across the street where I was able to get elastic for my next project- 10 lavender sleep masks as end-of the-year gifts for all of Gwen’s teachers and therapists.


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