Call me Wonder Woman. The school system tried to reduce the amount of therapy for Gwen next year. I challenged it and was called into a meeting with three big wigs from the school system this morning.

The plan, which I did not approve, was to have Gwen’s physical and occupational therapists take a less active role and train the classroom aides to work with her. With some notable exceptions, the caliber of classroom aides is not at all impressive and they come and go as if through a revolving door.

So I went to this meeting and was not scared and held out for what Gwen needs and got it. (I think that it was easier and less expensive for them to keep Gwen’s therapy hours constant than to deal with my continued appeals up the chain of command.) Also, the principal backed me up especially about how untrained and unreliable some of the classroom aides can be.

It is all good now and I am glad to have met the people from the system. Everyone was reasonable and now they know that I am also reasonable but will stand up for what Gwen needs. I thanked them all and told them how pleased we have been with Gwen’s school and how well she has done there. Hopefully they left feeling good about it too.

“NO! You must not reduce Gwen’s therapy services! Now get me a New Orleans Spicy Combo meal with a biscuit to go.”


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