Spring Break disaster

Memphis has totally succumbed to March madness! In 1973, we watched the U of Memphis basketball team lose to UCLA in the in the NCAA finals. Last night it was the Bruins singing the blues as the Tigers beat them 78-63 and advanced to the finals where they will face Kansas. I’m not much of a sports fan these days, but I did watch the game and gloat as the Tigers seized an early lead and held it for the entire game. We are finally avenged after 35 years!

*Sigh*. Once again it’s been over a month since I posted :0 Blame it on the Spring Break from HELL! Gwen had a virus and was sick the entire week and both weekends. She felt lousy and wanted to be on someone’s lap all the time. (Please note that she is almost 4 feet tall and weighs about 45 lbs) She had a fever for a few days but did not have a seizure like she usually does with a fever. So I guess there was a silver lining.

One good thing that happened that week was that we had an appointment with a new neurologist. We knew he was considered brilliant, cutting edge and innovative but found out that he is also personable and in possession of a sense of humor! You don’t see that combination too often.

As for the making – I am 60% of the way through a knitted holiday scarf for an unnamed person. But that is set aside for now because April is a month full of sewing deadlines. First up is a tote bag for this swap. This really looks more like a purse than a shopping tote but the pattern was on sale and it called my name.

The bag started out as a pair of shorts and and skirt from the thrift store stash. Gwensdad paired these for me. He is really good at color and design.

I used Vogue 8406 view B and was very happy with the result.

Here is a detail of the handle and a look inside.

April project #2 is Gwen’s prom dress. I have started on a test version that will be a sundress for summer. If it looks and fits right, I’ll make a more formal version for the prom, probably out of something pink. And yes, I will definitely show you the prom pictures!

Finally, there is a doll quilt to be made for the “spring” installment of the Four Seasons Doll Quilt Swap. I have a concept (not flowers!) but will need to draft a design, pick out fabric and start stitching on it as soon as the prom dress is finished.



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