Caution- Reconstruction ahead

It has become clear to me that making a great bag doesn’t require a fancy pattern or extensive sewing expertise. All it takes is some great fabrics. Like these thrifted items- a corduroy skirt and linen jacket.

skirt to purse</a

I used these with McCalls 3772 view B to make a birthday gift for a friend.

<skirt to purse

Here is what it looks like open. The inside of the bag is made from the linen and has a welt pocket that was cut off the jacket and applied to the lining. Re-using existing pockets saves huge amounts of time and is one reason I love using thrifted clothes for bags.

skirt to purse

The pattern is McCall’s 3772 view B. The only difficult part was the handle. The directions called for fusible fleece in the handle and I found it too bulky to sew when folded over. The rest was not difficult. All I had to do was sew it up and be amazed at how well it turned out. This was my first time to set grommets and now I want grommets in everything!

I am not completely sold on the tie closure. It might be a pain to have to undo and redo the cord to get the bag open and closed. But I’m thinking about making one for myself anyway. The recipient liked it and I hope y’all do too.

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