Down to the Wire

It’s so exciting to know that in two days Santa will bring me a new camera and I can post pics again! But in the meantime I scanned one end of the scarf I made for my sister.

Last Christmas was an unorganized mess, so I started early for this year. I bought the Misti Alpaca Sport yarn (so so soft!) at an after-Christmas sale last December and finished the knitting way back in March. Didn’t get around to blocking it until last month and I was thrilled with the results.

My sis lives in southeast Florida and doesn’t really need warm clothing. But alpaca is perfect- it’s very lightweight but warm for those times when the temperatures plunge into the 50’s and they all start shivering. The Falling Water Scarf pattern is free at Knitting Pattern Central and no, those actually aren’t cables! The shaping is all done with YO’s and SSK’s.

In the summer and early fall I worked on these cotton chenille washcloths that will each be given with a bar of handmade soap.

I need one more and will have to make it really quickly! That is after I finish the crocheted scarf I am making for my mom. So even with an early start we are down to the wire.

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