The camera is kaput :(

Arrrrrgh our camera has ceased to function and I can’t take pics of the gloriousness that is fall- now that it is finally showing up here. I can’t give you a peek at the knitted felted pumpkins hanging to dry from the shower rod. Or an FO holiday gift that turned out really well.

Worst of all, we didn’t get to take pics of Gwen’s whirlwind social weekend. She went to the wedding of a former caregiver on Saturday and behaved beautifully. She barely made any noise until the recessional when she began to sing along with the soloist. But the music was loud and people were clapping so there was no harm done.

The next day she and I went to a Bar Mitzvah party, a first for us both. I read the invitation wrong and got us there an hour early! It was a gorgeous afternoon so we ambled down the street to a pizza place and drank a coke on their patio until the party started.

Gwen had a great time because lots of people talked to her. She also liked the fact that there were cameras flashing. Here she is congratulating William the Bar Mitvah Boy.

We ate lots of delicious Asian food, most of which was prepared by the honoree’s mother. She really outdid herself and threw a great party. Mazel Tov, William and thanks for inviting us!


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