Opinions please!

My former supervisor and dear friend was unable to have a baby even after three rounds of in vitro. So she and her husband decided to adopt. Whatever lucky child got these two awesome people for parents would deserve a most wonderful hand made baby blanket. I cast on.

In February they rushed to Utah to get a baby boy only to find that the birth parents decided to keep him. Everyone was brokenhearted at this disappointment but I kept knitting. Surely another baby would come along.

And so it did. This time they travelled to Michigan and the same thing happened! When they came home disappointed and empty handed a second time I put the unfinished blanket away because I didn’t want to think about the whole sad situation.

Then last Thursday, I got an email- THE email. My friends were in Montana with their new baby daughter! After crying for joy and calling all our mutual friends and co-workers so we could rejoice among ourselves, I snatched the blanket out of oblivion and started knitting with a vengeance.

But now I don’t like the blanket so much! I chose unconventional colors because one baby can only have so much pink or blue. The stripes are random – I change colors and knit until the stripe looks long enough. The plan is to back it with some fabric like this blanket. The colors are more muted than they appear in this pic.

The more I look at it, the less it seems like the right kind of thing for a baby girl. It will probably look ghastly with all the other pink and pastel stuff she will get.

Should I ditch this for now and start on something else for her? Or finish it (perhaps toning down the gold and brown) and give it with a matching knitted hat and outfit sewn from the same fabric as the backing? Tell me now or forever hold your peace.

In other news, all three of us have sinus infections and are scarfing down antibiotics, antihistamines and decongestants. Not to mention popsicles and ice cream for burning throats. It is miserable so don’t come over here because I will probably bite your head off for no reason >:( Grrrrrr!

This unfortunate turn of events has kept me from completing my fall quilt for the swap and now I am late mailing it. But it is looking really good! Here’s a fuzzy view of Saturday’s progress.

It will be finished and mailed by the end of the week. I am going on the long-awaited weekend silent retreat this Friday and would like to go with a clear conscience.

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