KIPping Out in Memphis

Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP Day) and the Memphis knitters gathered in a local bookstore to KIP. We all brought knitting related items to swap and there was a drawing for some premium items. It was fun and three new people showed up!

Here we are in all our yarny glory. I’m the one in the blue pants on the far right.

For pics of other meetups around the globe, check out the World Wide KIP Day Flickr group pool.

In other news, I started a new blog for “Love Caps”, the volunteer knitting program I manage as part of my job. People at work think I am so web-savvy to know how to do a blog. Yeah, right! The only hard thing was making the picture montage for the masthead and I had to get the graphic artist to do that.

It was going to cost $1000 to make this blog a part of the knitting page on the agency’s website so it is on WordPress. I picked them because they have free reporting and we needed to be able to track our hits.

I just posted more pics from WWKIP day there. Go see them!


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