Sewing sewing sewing

The Elna and I have been working overtime to make gifts for deserving recipients.

This fall, Gwen will be moving to a new class after spending the last 4 years with the same teacher and 2 classroom aides. I wanted to give them all something really special but didn’t have much money to spend. So I asked them each about their favorite colors and went “shopping” in my stash of thrifted clothing.

The first one said she liked yellow and pink. So I chose two dresses and a zipper left over from a previous refashion and did this:

The second lady said she liked blue and green. These are my favorite colors too. One cotton skort and one pair of blue linen shorts later and we have bag #2. The lining is made from the blue shorts with pockets fashioned from existing shorts pockets. This print is just fantastic.

When the lead teacher said “black” I knew just what to do but alas, there were no black linen garments in my collection. Fortunately, a quick trip through the thrift store yielded a nice black linen skirt on super sale for 10 cents! (The skirt and two new spools of thread were the only purchases I made for these projects.) I really cannot wait to give this one because it is just so “her”.

All of this took me about three weeks to do because I don’t have much time and I’m not very fast when it comes to sewing. The pattern was a simple thing I drew myself after measuring a bag from my closet. But I am very happy with the results and am looking forward to handing them out on Tuesday!

Here is a shot of all the bags together. Which one do you like best?


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