Downtown Farmer’s Market

Last weekend we went to opening day at the Memphis Farmer’s Market.

This market is in its 2nd year and is held at the train station downtown. This was a “date” for Gwensdad and me so Gwen didn’t come with us. (That’s Gwensdad on the right.)

There were lots of great arty/crafty vendors there. We saw a metalsmith

A fiber artist

The Pie Lady. She is locally famous for her delectable pies. For the market, she was selling mini pies and her booth was very crowded. I had her specialty, the Glory Hallelujah pie with pears and cinnamon.

Bird houses made of discarded materials

And of course, some produce.

They were out of fresh strawberries when we got there but Gwensdad bought some muscadine jelly.  It is probably not a good as the kind he and his mother make.

Right outside the pavilion we spotted this cool bike

and some cute beagles.

Of course, no farmers’ market is complete without belly dancers!

After the market, we walked around and looked in shop windows on S. Main. We saw this cool painted metal chair on the sidewalk.

Downtown is booming with lots of new residential construction. These condos make me drool.

and we both went nuts over this house. This pic is from the back. The front overlooks the Mississippi River. The downtown trolly runs right by these homes making it super convenient to get anywhere.

It was really great to get out and do something fun after having been sick for so long.

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