Spring Retreat

Last Friday I took a break and went to another half-day silent retreat. Just like last year at this time it had been raining and was wet and muddy. But do you think that kept me out of the woods with my camera?

This was a nice respite but it seemed waaaay too short after having experienced a whole weekend silent retreat in October. I didn’t have any major personal epiphanies because I was too busy running around the retreat center. So here is what I saw:

Trees growing in strange shapes.

Gwensdad grew up down the street from this place. He told me the man who owned it before it was a retreat center put a variety of trees here on purpose and knew all about the different species.

Lots of cool looking fungi. I love this stuff. The fungus in the first pic is growing from the underside of a toppled tree.

And some random things. A rusty fence near the original house.

St. Francis windchimes

A bit of color

Rotted out tree stump

Carpet of privet flowers in the mud. It looked as if a fairy wedding was about to take place.

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