Yay I finally feel like posting again! Things really went crazy for a while. My supervisor C. and her husband S. had been trying to adopt a baby. Near the end of March, they were informed that they had been chosen as adoptive parents and the baby was due in 10 days.

First was absolute euphoria over the news, but then panic because it would be up to me to hold down the fort by myself during a relatively busy time of year. And for an indefinite period of time.

C and S left for Utah on a Thursday. The next day I went to the doctor because I felt a sinus infection coming on. By Sunday it was much worse despite some meds and on Monday I was lying in bed with my throat on fire and my will to live in question. Monday was supposed to be the first day of my first week off work since, well, forever and there I was with a heinous case of (I think) viral bronchitis. Then on Tuesday we got the news that the birth parents had decided to keep the baby and C and S would have to come home emtpy handed. Needless to say it was not a good week. Whatever I had knocked me flat and I still get tired easily over a month later.

OK- enough badness! The good news is that Gwen didn’t get it. In fact, she has been doing really well and is a happy girl. Part of the reason for this is that she got this wonderful knitted ape in the mail from Eve.

How amazing is that? She said she had to knit 18 different parts and then assemble them. And she has been working on it since before she left France! Here, look at this alternate view.

Thanks so much Eve, we love it!

I have lots to tell and many pics to share but for now I will leave you with this picture of Gwen and Elisabeth watching Happy Feet on Elisabeth’s laptop. Can you believe those long legs?


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