Spring is here and once again I am not ready for it. I’m not ready to shed my sweaters, tights, sweatpants and scarves for shorts and lightweight clothes. And since my summer work outfits are mostly worn out, I will have to actually go shopping. Auuuugggh a fate worst than death!

Plans were to take last week off work but that was postponed because some things weren’t finished. I have rescheduled to have off the week after Easter and will slog along until then.

Making has slowed to a snail’s pace. I did finish Christmas present #1 which will not appear in this post so that the recipient will be surprised. It needs some finishing, but wow! It’s only March and there is already one holiday gift made. Time to start on #2.

I have been amusing myself with some less than stellar projects. First, a kid’s quilt top I made as an entry in a contest to win a sewing machine. I didn’t finish the quilt in time and will save it for next year. I used an old jumper of my mom’s and two thrifted jumpers – one of which was exactly like my mom’s. For batting I’m using a piece of gray fleece from the stash. The backing will be light blue chambray I found at the thrift shop.

Here’s a detail shot that shows the fabrics better. It also shows that the squares didn’t exactly line up.

And now for the wackiest thing I have ever made. It was becoming frustrating to throw away those non-recyclable bags that come with our newspaper, so I found an alternative use for them. It will eventually be a tote bag but I’m not sure who the heck would want to carry it in public.

The orange plastic comes with the paper and the white stripes are made from grocery bags. I can only crochet about 5″ – 7″ each day and then have to wait for the next day’s “yarn” supply to show up in the driveway in the morning. It’s really exciting when rain is expected and the paper is double bagged. I started in mid-January so this is about two month’s worth of bags.

Hopefully there will be more impressive projects to show in my next post!

P.S. I’ve got some vintage sewing patterns for sale on Etsy. The shop is at http://www.gwensmom.etsy.com

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