Ongoing Adventures of Tam and Grandma

I am at work trying to supress hysterical laughter.

I sent the kitty scarf in the last post to Tam for her grandmother for Valentine’s Day. Tam never got the package (She thought her goats might have eaten it) so I went ahead and told her what was in it.

Today she e-mailed back with this:


She GOT that package! LOL!!!

I didnt see the package when it came, but I’ve seen the scarf hanging on the coat rack! I asked her like 2 weeks ago where she got it and she told me that her friend Dorothy from Kansas sent it to her for her birthday! She was all proud. I SHOULD have put two and two together and realized this was your handiwork – I’m so sorry!

And it is beautiful! I’m going to have to take a better look at it when I get home – and let grandma know that a wonderful person from Tennessee sent it!

Tam, don’t tell her it wasn’t Dorothy. The point is that she knows someone was thinking about her.

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