Bah! I was going to enter a contest to win a new sewing machine but missed the deadline. To qualify you had to donate a child sized quilt to the Linus Project at a certain sewing store. The drawing was at 12 but at 11:30 I had not even started putting on the binding. And I’ve never even bound a quilt before.

Things got better, though, when a box of Velma’s wicked delicious kettle corn landed on my doorstep. It was in trade for some yarn. Elisabeth and I are cramming it in our mouths as fast as we can. The stuff is seriously yummy!

I still can’t get used to being dogless. I boo-hooed when vaccuuming today because I could smell the dog hair that is still in the vaccuum bag. And because there is no new dog hair on the floor. Then I walked past the TV and Secret Window was on. In this movie, Johnny Depp’s character has a dog that looks exactly like Cody did when he was younger. And there was no one to sit with me and get in the way while I was working on the quilt. It just doesn’t seem possible that Cody isn’t here and isn’t ever coming back.

Gwen and Gwensdad are off for President’s Day on Monday. I’m not but took the day off anyway so we could get the van in for some tweaking. Hopefully it won’t cost too much because I’m still replacing the hunk of money I took out of savings last year to pay for a new engine. We’ll have babysitting all day so there will be time for extra sleeping, reading, knitting , or whatever.

On a happier note, here’s an FO. Remember this skirt?

It was made of super soft cotton flannel so I made it into a scarf.

With a kitty on it.

I sent it priority about a week ago but it was headed up north and may have been delayed by the weather.

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