Down to the wire

In the last few days we have had several changes of plan and more than a few things that came out of nowhere. At this point I’m just going to ride the wave and let it drop me where it will.

There was a near pumpkin pie disaster in which I bought a can of pumpkin pie MIX instead of just plain pumpkin. But it is ok now because I ditched the first batch and started again with the right ingredients. We are eating with my family tomorrow and Gwensdad’s on Monday.

Since there are so many people panicking or bah humbugging about now, let’s take a break for some yarn pr0n.

First up, some Berroco Hip-Hop #7225. Mmmm look at those lovely rustic colors. No plans for it yet, but it was 50% off at my LYS and I couldn’t leave without it.

Now the bounty from the black Friday excursion to the same LYS where everything was 30% off. Misti Alpaca sport, 100% baby alpaca in a delicious shade of lavender:

And Classic Elite Miracle #3338. This one is 50% alpaca and 50% tencel. It is sinfully soft.

Finally, a purchase from That site is my favorite place to go to drool over yarn.  The selection changes often, so there are new things to gawk at and covet all the time. I had resisted actually purchasing anything until I saw this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan at a steal of a price. There were only 6 skeins left, so I appropriated them without delay.

During the transaction I make a frightening discovery- takes Paypal. This means that all I have to do to keep myself in new yarn is auction off everything I own.

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