She’s back!

A few weeks ago it became apparent that we were to have our first really low temps of the season. So I tweaked Gwen’s coat from last year to make it fit her, but realized that her hat was just too small. Since I am the coordinator of a volunteer knitting program that turns out 3000 – 4000 caps every year, it would not do for me to have a hatless child!

So I made her one.

It looks even better on and see how well it matches her coat!

The low down: more Patons Classic Wool from Michael’s. (It’s on sale for $3.99 per skein this week!) The pattern is right here and took less than a skein for the child’s size. It was the first time I had made earflaps on a hat and the first time to cast on additional stitches on a work already in progress. This one had the earflaps centered on each side of the cap but next time I will place them a few stitches to the back so that there is a little more room for the wearer’s face in the front.

I try not to post about Gwen too much because there’s nothing more boring than someone going on and on about their child. But it thrilled me that y’all wanted to see pics of her!


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