Long time no post

The long absence is due to general exhaustion and a hard drive meltdown which left me unable to download pics. The silent retreat pictures are gone and it’s no big loss because almost all of them were blurry.

But let me tell you about this retreat! When we got there at 5:00 on a Friday there was a fire in the fireplace, soft celtic music playing and a wine and cheese reception all laid out. After dinner and a “meditation” the silence began and lasted until mid-morning on Sunday. Most of my time was spent reading, sleeping and hiking around the property. I had doubts about being able to be quiet for a whole weekend but it was wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After this restorative weekend, it was back to work to pull off another volunteer appreciation party for the folks who knit and crochet for the clients at my agency. I love those ladies (and a few gentlemen) to death but organizing those parties wear me out. The week after the party was spent sorting, packing and distributing the hats, then I was off work until after Thanksgiving. Again, there was much sleeping and knitting with some cooking thrown in.

The pic above is of a Japanese maple tree I am raising from a seedling. One of the three maple trees in my back yard throws off one or two every year. From the last week of October through mid-November we had one of the most gorgeous autumns I can remember. When driving, I had to be careful not to have a wreck or sprain my neck looking at all the trees.

Here are some more shots of the Japanese maple in all it’s glory. These were taken on an overcast day right before all the leaves fell. This tree was really magnificent with the sun shining on it.

Be back soon with more news and more pics.

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