Gwen went to the Mid-South Fair today. Gwensdad was busy so Elisabeth (Gwen’s babysitter) came with us. It was Gwen’s first time to go and she couldn’t wait to get on the road.

The Fairgrounds is adjacent to the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium where the U of Memphis was playing the U of Tennessee Knoxville. Elisabeth goes to the U of M and I went to Vanderbilt, both of which are major UT rivals. She said that the reason UT students wear orange is so that they don’t have to change clothes when it’s time for them to go pick up trash on the highway.

Gwen checked out the cows

and got to hold a bunny!

We saw lots of handmade items in the creative arts building and watched part of a belly dance performance. My agency sponsors a cap-knitting contest and when the fair is over I collect the caps for our clients. This crocheted hat won the Best of Show in our division. The stitches in this cap were so tiny!

And of course we ate some fabulous fair food! Elisabeth had these disgusting-looking barbecue nachos. I had my usual- a pronto pup with mustard and a slice of Coletta’s pepperoni pizza.

Gwen tried some cotton candy. After a few bites she really got into it. She kept opening her mouth really wide for more and poor Elisabeth got her finger bitten.

There was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was comfortably warm with a nice breeze. Ahhh there is nothing like beautiful fall weather at the end of our stifling summers!

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