Nervous meetup!

I was fortunate enough to be on the itinerary of the “Eve and Reed Summer 2006 Road Trip in a Really Big Truck”. Eve is moving to California to resume her education and to finally be with Reed after all this time and two international moves. They got to Memphis in withering heat and humidity on Monday afternoon. I wanted to make sure they found the right house.

This work is entitled “Phren Head on Plant Stakes.” We are having elections here on Thursday so the neighbors probably thought I was promoting some strange candidate.

It was so much fun to actually see these people I have known only online for almost three years! They looked pretty much like I had imagined except Eve’s hair was long. We had a great afternoon of visiting in which Eve showed me a gorgeous lacy shawl she has knit from some stunning blue handspun that Reed bought for her.

Although they didn’t say so, I know this French Canadian and Californian must have been chuckling to themselves about my accent. But they cracked me up asking about the “ivy” they saw growing all over the trees in the South. It is kudzu, of course, and Eve has an impressive photo of the stuff climbing up a cliff along the expressway.

After Gwensdad got home and Gwen’s babysitter arrived we ventured out to dinner at a pan-Asian seafood restaurant called Tsunami. Gwensdad and I had never been there but we took and chance and were not disappointed. The food was delicious, the company most enjoyable and a good time was had by all. Reed got a copy of their cookbook for his parents and the chef came out and signed it. He also had them sign his guest book which was hand made by members of his family who are artists.

This morning Eve and Reed were not in a hurry so we chatted some more over breakfast and coffee. Eve showed me some pictures from the trip so far and a pic of a fabulous scarf she had made for Reed’s mom earlier this year. I had to scold her for not posting these things for us all to enjoy, and she promised to do better.

While getting the house in shape for their visit, I had set aside some of my large recycled yarn collection to sell or give away. Eve went “shopping” in the piles and thankfully she relieved me of most of the stash. The only string attached is that she post what she makes from it. So look for some great FO’s from her in the future.

Unfortunately they could not be convinced to visit Memphis’s newest landmark. All too soon it was time for them to leave so they packed up the big truck.

Before the door was closed and locked I was presented with a bottle of wine that Eve had brought from France! Then Elisabeth drove up with Gwen and took this photo for us.

And they were off to Oklahoma City. Look at Reed hamming it up for the camera!

Reed took many more photos than I did and will undoubtedly share them when he has recovered from this long hot journey.

These Nervousers are just as personable, interesting and fun IRL as they are online. I feel so lucky to have had this chance to actually see and talk to them! The sketchy images I had conjured of them from 3RF posts and PM’s are now much more complete and will make for even more enjoyable electronic interaction in the future.

Since we can’t travel, it was a delight to have the travelers come to us. Eve and Reed, thanks for stopping by. Come back any time and stay longer. I guarantee there will be more oatmeal cherry cookies waiting for you!

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