Tonight Gwensdad and I are going to a dinner/shower for a couple having their first child, a boy. I am excited to be going to a party and Gwensdad is anticipating the possibilities for food and beverage.

The gifts are hand made of course!

The sock monkey’s mouth needs some work. The bibs are “Elvis/Blue Hawaii” (every Memphis baby needs one) “sheep” and “sushi bar”.

The bibs reverse to “bigger Elvis print”, “jungle monkeys” and “bedtime bunnies.

I got to use my new affordable snap setter on the bibs. The snaps look professional and hold really well. YAY no more hand sewn snaps that look sloppy and have to be replaced often.

Update: Just got back from the shower. Mine was the only handmade gift and even the men liked the monkey! The Elvis bib was a hit also.

Gwen has one more week of summer school and then is off for two weeks. One of her night sitters will be out of town the last week before regular school starts and the substitute just called and said that she can’t come because she had foot surgery. Whee!

I have been doing heavy yard work for two weekends at a friend’s house. She is very sick and can’t work and needs to sell her house before the mortgage company begins foreclosure on August 1st. There is an open house tomorrow so pray or send good house-selling vibes to her! (Her name is Susan.)

We are afraid that my cousin in the army is about to get shipped back to the middle east. He got back from a year in Iraq last January. The world is such a mess. Can’t people see that before we are Jewish or Muslim or Christian or whatever, we are all human beings and that everyone is better off when suffering is at a minimum? How can anyone think that bombing, violence and destruction will possibly make things better?

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