Gwen’s summer adventures

The big news around here is that W and Laura are bringing the Japanese Prime Minister to town on Friday to see Graceland. Word on the liberal Memphis grapevine (yes, we actually have one!) is that there will be a protest across the street from the house. (Elvis’, not mine.)

Gwen has been getting around this summer. We found out she loves to go thrifting! She wanted to show Jek this really great shirt she got last week.

There was a family reunion of sorts with my cousins and my sister all in town at the same time. Gwen got to see her second cousin, Baby E.

Baby E is a real dynamo who never slows down. She was fascinated with Gwen and the wheelchair. Baby E’s momma is a mad thrifter like me and we went on an excursion that yielded this cute dress that E is wearing. Here is a rare picture of E being still.

Most of the time she is a blur – literally! I just hate it that she doesn’t live in Memphis.

We have had a nice bit of relief in the midst of the typical brutally hot summer. Today was comfortably warm with low humidity. Gwen decided to have dinner on the grounds with Gwensdad and Cody.

So, does anyone have any creative suggestions for Elvis-themed protesting?


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