Vacation was great until 4:00 on the first day

Ahh yes, the long-awaited vacation from work began on Monday. I was stoked! So much was going to get done! And for one day, it did. One of Gwen’s school friends in her special needs class is moving on to Jr. High next year so I made her some bibs as a going away present.

The monkey one reverses to sheep

But alas, a carefree week was not to be.

At about 4:00 on Monday, Gwen’s babysitter was taking her out to go swimming. They went out the front door with Gwen in the wheelchair. When the babysitter turned to shut the door the wheelchair rolled off the low step with Gwen in it. The sitter tried to grab the chair but couln’t get there in time.

Fortunately, Gwen displayed no signs of a serious head injury and checked out fine at the doctor the next morning. Nothing is broken, including teeth, but her poor face looks like a train wreck.

First day:

Second day

Nasty boo boo

She really is ok but it is hard to look at that torn up little face :(


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