Recent thrift scores and a hat

A close up of a pair of thrifted pants with a cute summer print. They are destined to be cut down to fit Gwen.

Here’s another view of the pants:

Now this was a huge fabric find- an entire duvet cover for $3! One side has an awkwardly stitched tear in it but it won’t show if we put that side down. I could use this on Gwen’s bed or make a tablecloth out of it.

I almost didn’t get this pair of pillowcases because I don’t need pillowcases. But when I picked them up to look at the pretty print I found that they are ZIPPERED pillowcases and I do need those for felting stuff in the washing machine.

Last and least is this wonky hat I tried to make for Gwen’s boyfriend. It turned out too big for him and the cuff is out of proportion to the rest of the hat b/c I didn’t increase enough stitches when I got to the striped part. But the colors are pretty so I gave it to an agency that needed some more hats for homeless people. The yarn for this hat is from a former Gap sweater.

Stay tuned. I am dying to show you what i made my sister for her birthday but she hasn’t received it yet.

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