New monkey

Socks + thrifted skirt = a monkey for my mom!

It was supposed to be a Christmas present but she got it for Valentine’s day. Figuring out that dress was very time consuming until I was saved by a long-forgotten doll dress pattern buried under my fabric stash. If I were doing it again I would make the skirt longer and fuller. This is supposed to be a little girl monkey because my mom teaches 4-year olds at a girls’ school. This photo reminds me of a picture my dad once took of my sister at the same window. (No- not because my sister looks like a monkey! It’s because the lighting is so similar.)

In other news, the aforementioned sister turned 40 today. Happy Birthday Gwen! I sent her this postcard earlier in the week.

Her handmade gift will be late also because I got sick and couldn’t finish it. :(

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