I’m back with a vengeance. And pictures!

Hardware problems have kept me from downloading pics for far too long so I used the machine in the drugstore to put them on CD. To catch up with all the craftiness, we must go back to December 2005 to view some projects I gave as holiday gifts.

First some scarves. This is one end of a scarf I made for my cousin-in-law in her favorite color, lavender. It was made with super soft recycled yarn that had angora in it. The pattern is the same feather and fan I used to make her baby a blanket last summer.

Next the completed Irish Hiking scarf made for my uncle. It is shown blocking on a yoga mat. The yarn is a wonderful cashmere/merino blend and was also recycled from a Barney’s sweater.

Ok- let’s pick up the pace with some bags. Woooo!

You have seen the denim one before. I made a second one for my cousin because the lining is some funky purple plaid pants that she is embarrassed she ever wore. Once again I saved a lot of time by using the existing pants pockets inside the purses instead of sewing new pockets from scratch.

This green purse went to my 12 year old niece. The outside is purchased home dec fabric and the lining was a thrifted pair of shorts in its previous life. The recipient’s mother reported that she carried the purse the same day she opened it because it matched her outfit.

A third bag in a totally different style went to my other niece but I neglected to photograph it. :(

Stay tuned for more pics in subsequent posts which will not be so far apart.


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