Pics from the weekend

I have been fighting back to back sinus infections so there are no works-in-progress much less finished works to show. But I did have some fun over the weekend before the second round of misery became too much to bear.

Elisabeth (Gwen’s babysitter) was taking care of Alexander (Gwen’s boyfriend) on Friday so we all met up and went to a crafts fair. The kids had an awesome time and Gwen really dug the reggae band. Alexander fussed all the way home because he didn’t want to leave. They spent a lot of time looking at each other and “talked” in their language a little.

The next day I participated in some performance art. The Univeristy of Memphis Art Gallery is hosting “The Red Thread”, a fiber arts exhibition by this artist. The artist knitted a very very long red i-cord and attached over 400 hats to it. Most of the hats are on loan from the volunteer knitting and crocheting program that I manage at my job.

A very diverse crowd of people gathered to put on the hats and do various movements (i.e. pretending to fly)while wearing them. If there had been enough people to fill up all the hats we would have all walked around. Everyone had a great time and the hats will be on display later this month in the museum.


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