Knitting WIP and finally a pic of Gwensdad!

This latest scarf is turning out really well. The edging pattern is from Knitted Embellishments by Nicky Epstein. This is a very cool book that I plan to use a lot more. The yarn is a soft white cotton/acrylic blend recycled from an old sweater. Because I am not adventurous enough to try to figure out how to knit the edging backward at the other end, I will knit two “half-scarves” and graft them together. Thus forcing myself to learn grafting.

On Sunday morning I saw this sweet scene and had to snap a photo. Gwen and Gwensdad are two peas in a pod.

And here are two more gratuitous Gwen photos. Those big brown eyes turn me into a puddle. She has freckles for the first time after so much swimming this summer. The first photo captures Gwen’s famous half-smile. Sometimes she will start to smile with one side of her mouth and it takes the other side a few seconds to catch up.

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