Fabric! fabric! and a dog

My momma and I took our half-off coupons and ourselves to the big thrift store near our houses yesterday. We spent $32.00.

First, we have a lovely blue angora sweater that will become a scarf for me. It is a deeper richer blue than you see in the pic. I will make myself a purse for fall out of the flower print skirt.

Next, at the top of the pic, a Jones New York bathrobe that I will continue to use as a bathrobe. It is very fine cotton that looks more like silk. The black pants are from Talbots and will probably also end up as a purse.

Moving right along, a floral print “skort” thingy that will make Gwen a nice pair of shorts for next summer. Or now- it’s still ridiculously hot here! And a linen dress with a lot of fabric and a great ribbon around the hem. It will be perfect for this small backpack project I found in a library book.

And for the piece de resistance, this totally groovy denim dress with daisies embroidered ALL OVER in white. I’m thinking pillows for this one.

Now I’m wondering when I think I am going to make all this stuff. Oh well, at least I will have great fabrics when I am ready to sew!

As promised, a pic of Gwensdad’s dog, Cody the Blue Heeler. He is an old guy and for some reason was sleeping halfway off his bed.

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